A Left-Over Christmas Miracle...

A lack of creative output from an artist is usually indicative by the factors surrounding their lives; I am no different in this collective.

As some of you may already know, my poor cat, Snickers, developed an eye injury towards the end of October to the beginning of November 2020. It is hard to say exactly what caused the injury, but it was an ulceration on her cornea that became very deep and developed bacteria in it, despite my best efforts of caring for it. As a result of the injury, I have been applying drops in her eye 4 times a day since November. At one point, ( for almost a month to be exact) I was applying drops in her eye literally every hour.....on the hour! I’m pretty sure that she and I mutually agreed we were tired of looking at each other “eye to eye”. Lucky for me, she is a fabulous cat. I do not know many cats that would willingly lay in your lap and let you poke and prod at their eyeball for about 15 minutes each time you doctor their eye. :-P.

At any rate, she had a recheck appointment a couple of days before Christmas day. At that time, I was told by the veterinarian specialist, she would have to have eye surgery because it was just not healing properly despite everything we have done up to that point in time. To say I was a bit deflated would be an understatement. We had already spent up towards $1200-1500 in veterinarian bills for this little debacle as it was, and NOW they were talking surgery! When I asked for an estimate on how much the surgery would be, I was not prepared for the price tag. $2000 to 2200, and that did not include the medications. But, it gets better, she couldn’t guarantee that this would fix it, or, if it did, it might only be a temporary fix, and we could have to start all over from the beginning if it develops back again further down the road...after the surgery. *UGH*. My heart dropped to my stomach. After you spend all of that time and effort, feeling hopeful that you are making some headway in the healing department, this is NOT what one wants to hear after all of their efforts. So, I accepted my misfortunes and scheduled the first available appointment for surgery that I could because I do not want my poor Snickers to suffer more than what she has already. The poor kitty, she has been through so much already, not to mention the pain she must have been enduring thus far.

And that brings us to the big day, which was scheduled for yesterday morning. I bring poor Snickers to the vet specialist for her big day and the doctor takes a look at her before heading in to do the surgery. To her amazement, she said she felt like she was looking at a completely different eyeball!!! Not only that, her eye looked so well, that she decided not to have surgery and continue with her medication. There was so much improvement, that in a couple of weeks, I can discontinue with one of the medications and be down to only 1 medication, 3 times a day. I have to tell you, compared to her previous exam, which was like doom and gloom, this was music to my ears. I was literally speechless, which is a rare moment because I am never at a lack for words, as those who know me would agree. My heart was so happy, I cried...literally cried and I could feel a HUGE weight lift off my chest. It was such a relief knowing we did not have to have surgery, as you can imagine....a true relief on so many different levels. I have to say, I truly felt like I received a left-over Christmas miracle and had to share it with all of you. It might be a tiny thing to some out there, but in my little world, it was HUGE!!!

Anyway, the point to this post was not only to share something wonderful, because I think the world could use some good news these days, even if it is in the form of a small left-over Christmas miracle, but to also remind the world that sometimes people have things going on in their lives that tend to weigh them down and keep them from doing the things that they truly love to do. With so much of the world in total disarray these days, it can be difficult for creative types to keep creating on demand. Sometimes we just need a little break from it all in order to replenish our creative cups. So, once I get the wind back in my sails again, I will be full steam ahead, but for the moment, I’m considering some creative distractions to help me along the way. :-). Santa was generous to me this year and brought me a set of fabulous oil pastels and some super nice colored pencils that I have been itching to do some exploring with. So, stay tuned and we shall see what the pixie inside wants to do next!

Thanks for stopping by!

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