"Bad Juju " is definitely a naughty little pixie!  Do not let her sweet and innocent demeanor fool you.  She sits on top of the unicorn skull and draws the magical power of the once immortal soul, claiming this land as her own.  She will fiercely protect her spot of magical powers and in doing so had claimed this territory as her own, as witnessed by the palm prints on the skull.  Do not tread lightly when crossing her path, after all, was she the demise of the unicorn?  Or, did she just happen upon this immortal being's bones and claim them for her own magicl right?  What do you think is her story? 


"Bad Juju"  features a pixie figure sitting on top of a unicorn skull.  The pixie is removable from the unicorn skull base for shipping purposes.  The entire pieces measures 12 inches tall, 12" x 8" wide.  If the pixie could stand, she would be approximately 8 inches tall.  


The pixie was created from polymer clay, a wire armature and painted with acrylic paints.  She has hand-made green eyes.  Her dreadlocks are made from synthetic wigging with tiny metal beads to adorn her dreads.  She sports hand-painted tribal-like tattoos.  Her clothing is made from brown muslin with copper micro beads and a neck decoration made from raffia straw and copper beads.  The bird skull on her head is permanently attached and sculpted from polymer clay and painted with acrylic.  She holds a staff that also has tiny bird skulls as well as her clothing contains tiny skulls too.


The unicorn skull base is created from apoxie and paper clay, wire and foil armature, then painted with acrylics and sealed for protection.  The base contains faux stones created from paper clay and faux berries, vines, and tiny skulls made from polymer clay.  The unicorn skull has little tribal/pagan motifs painted on it in various places including tiny looking hand prints to mark her territory.   All of the painted images were researched and are based on primitive and ancient celtic/pagan art and are not, in any way, signs of bad magic.  The symbols are images that mean life, power, energy, and woman.  


"Bad Juju" promises to be a great conversational piece in any collection and she is the only one of her kind!  Don't miss out on this opportunity to be the only one in the world to own her!  She is magical!

Bad Juju

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  • Please handle this item with care.

    This item is considered a fine art sculpture.  It is not intended as a play toy for tiny hands because it contains choking hazards and can break if not handled appropriately. 

    Please note that this item is intended for indoor display purposes only.  It is not intended to be placed on display outside of the home.  The artist is not responsible for damage due to exposure to outdoor elements.