An ancient and wise pixie ruler sits upon his woodland throne hidden deep within the thicket.  He is lively and quick despite his age and has a fiery attitude to match any quick witted mind or sharp tongue that approaches him.


"Faegan the Pixie King"  is a one-of-a-kind figurative sculpture that measures approximately 17 inches tall and 12" x 8" wide.  If the Pixie King could stand, he would measure about 10 inches tall.  


The Pixie King was created with a wire armature, polymer clay and painted with acrylic paints.  He has glass eyes and sheep wool for hair and his bearding.  The crown upon his head is  permanently attached and has a faux tigers eye and gives the dual meaning of "seeing with the 3rd eye" to add to his ancient wisdom.  His stave has a faux crystal gem to further add to his magical importance in the kingdom.   He wears a gauze-like cotton shirt, a faux suede vest and leotards, all hand-stitched by the finest tailors in the pixie kingdom.  Faegan the Pixie King is removable from his base for shipping purposes.  


The throne base was created from wire and foil armature, paper clay, and painted with acrylic paints and sealed for protection.  The mushrooms were also sculpted using the same method as the wood-like base.  Faux shrubbery was added to enhance the setting further.  

Faegan the Pixie King

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  • Please handle this item with care.

    This item is considered a fine art sculpture.  It is not intended as a play toy for tiny hands because it contains choking hazards and can break if not handled appropriately. 

    Please note that this item is intended for indoor display purposes only.  It is not intended to be placed on display outside of the home.  The artist is not responsible for damage due to exposure to outdoor elements.