This happy witch is having a great time at the sock hop, and why wouldn't she?  It's her birthday!   Here, she holds up her favorite gifts, a new pet familiar and a new broomstick!  What a gloriously wicked day it is to have a birthday! 


"Gertrude's New Familiar" stands approximately 12 inches tall and 14 inches tall with her witchy hat.  The base is approximately 4 inches wide.  The hat is removable from her head and the broomstick is also removable.  


Gertrude is made from a wire armature and polymer clay.  She has wicked reddish-brown glass eyes and ratty sheep wool for hair.  She wears her party dress to the sock hop that is made from cotton fabric and ruffled paper color.  And, of course, no Halloween Birthday sock hop would be complete unless you wear your orange and purple striped socks!  Her new pet familiar and fancy new riding stick are also made from wire armature and polymer clay. 

Gertrude's New Familiar

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