"Safe journey, my friend.  I will be here waiting for you here in the meadow".... 


This sweet little pixie holds her lantern and waves farewell to her friend as they set off on their journey for adventures unknown.   She doesn't cry because she knows they will be home again soon with wonderful stories to share around the hearth of their adventures far and wide.


"Meadow" measures approximately 11 inches tall and 9" x 4" wide.  The pixie measure 7.5 inches tall.


The sweet little one-of-a-kind pixie was created from a wire armature, polymer clay and painted with acrylic paints.  She has blue glass eyes and black mohair.  She wears a mulberry paper leotard stocking under her cotton dress.  The lantern is a found object and it does not light up, it is a permanent fixture in her tiny hand.  She stand on a manzanita wood base decorated with faux shrubbery.  She does not need to be removed from her base for shipping purposes.  



SKU: 0003
  • Please handle this item with care.

    This item is considered a fine art sculpture.  It is not intended as a play toy for tiny hands because it contains choking hazards and can break if not handled appropriately. 

    Please note that this item is intended for indoor display purposes only.  It is not intended to be placed on display outside of the home.  The artist is not responsible for damage due to exposure to outdoor elements.