The Pixie Patrol is a militant little pixie fella riding out on his trusty, armored steed....the snapping turtle.  His gaze is astutely fixed in front of him as they both blaze through the forest trails in search of trouble.  Between the two of them, surely they can protect the borderlands of The Pixie Knoll from any and all troll invaders!  It might take them forever to get there, but rest assured, this pixie is ready for what might be lurking at the edge of the forest!   


This one-of-a-kind sculpture is created out of polymer clay with wire and aluminum armatures.   The entire piece measures  13" high, 8" wide, and 9.5" tall.   If the pixie could stand, he would measure approximately 6" tall. 


The wee pixie is a slightly posable figure and is removable from the turtle base, but it is not necessary to move him during shipping.  The little fella sports a sculpted acorn helmet as well as a sculpted turtle shell chest shield to protect his torso during the great battle against the trolls.   His little shield is also sculpted from polymer clay with great detail to look like wood and strapped snuggly to his arm.  He wears hand-stitched corduroy britches and a light gauze  shirt, both created by the finest tailors in all pixiedom!  His hair is made from mohair roving and he has hand-painted eyes.  


The trusty turtle steed is not a posable figure, rather he is a fully sculpted piece.  He is painted with acrylic paints and sealed for protection.  He little hand-painted eyes watch knowingly as they march steadily through the woodlands.  He not only carries the weight of his waif militant friend, but he also carries the extra weapons that he might need in battle as well, which are cleverly strapped down around his highly detailed shell.   The detail on the turtle alone is incredible and to touch it will make you think you are touching a real-life turtle!   

Pixie Patrol

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  • Please handle this item with care.

    This item is considered a fine art sculpture.  It is not intended as a play toy for tiny hands because it contains choking hazards and can break if not handled appropriately. 

    Please note that this item is intended for indoor display purposes only.  It is not intended to be placed on display outside of the home.  The artist is not responsible for damage due to exposure to outdoor elements.