The woodland base is created from wire and foil armature, paper clay, and painted with acrylic paints then sealed for protection.  The mushrooms and the flowers were also created using the same materials and method as the base.  There is a bit of faux shrubbery to aid in flourishing the Spring vignette.  There are tiny fire flies created using wire and little fairy lights.  The wiring for the lights are hidden within the base and run off of a watch battery and a tiny toggle switch.  The tiny fire flies were created from the fairy lights and have a shimmering, irridescent film for their wings.   I cannot guarantee that the little lights will last a dozen life-times as I soldered them myself, but I can say that the story will always be the same and with the irridescent wings on the fire flies, this will further add to a bit sparkle for your continued viewing pleasure.  <3  :-) 

Spring Awakening

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  • Please handle this item with care.

    This item is considered a fine art sculpture.  It is not intended as a play toy for tiny hands because it contains choking hazards and can break if not handled appropriately. 

    Please note that this item is intended for indoor display purposes only.  It is not intended to be placed on display outside of the home.  The artist is not responsible for damage due to exposure to outdoor elements.